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What is an Evening with Spirit?

If you:

• Enjoy interesting, creative ways of connecting with others

• Need guidance, clarity, direction in love, career, life path

• Want to hear some happy, helpful news about the future

• Long to connect with a passed loved one or a spirit guide

Then this event is for you!

These unique and very popular 2-hour events are home parties, with very special guests – from spirit! Each guest receives a mini-reading and a chance to win a door prize. 

Host Your Own Event. Events are on Zoom. Events are kept small for an intimate experience.

Contact Lisa to schedule your Evening with Spirit and book your free 30 minute session.


Hostess Reviews

I’ve hosted 3 events so far. Easy to fill. Mind-blowing each time! ~ Leslie Miller

I’m blessed to have hosted several of phenomenal Lisa Najjar’s amazing events! ~ Julie Loizides

Full in one day! A beautiful experience that all my guests loved! Lisa was amazing! ~ Dr. Gemayel


Nadine Velázquez

Her intuition is so on fire. I completely trust her ability to tap in. ~ 

Nadine E. Velázquez, American Actress

Deva Premal

Feeling so uplifted, inspired and happy after a session with Lisa Najjar. I highly recommend Lisa.

Deva Premal, International Singer & Musician

Marci Shimoff

Lisa is a very gifted psychic medium. I highly recommend her. ~ 

Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author & World-Renowned Transformational Teacher

Lisa literally found my soulmate! ~ Miguel Montoya

Lisa’s intuitive consulting benefited our movie. ~ James A. Sinclair

I see you as an artist of the spirit. My whole life thanks you. ~ Marilyn Macintosh

A message was delivered that was a true inspiration for the rest of my life. ~ Dr. Curtis Jordan

Highly informative and supportive information. Lisa has great integrity and a highly evolved psychic ability. ~ Ann Campbell

FAQs About Readings

Yes! In fact, they can be even better! Why? On my end, it’s because the connection and possibilities of evidential information are not based on your appearance. Soul energy can be present anywhere, unlike the human body which requires transportation to get from Point A to B. I have given hundreds of readings throughout Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada and the US. I can assure you, there are no differences in the quality of the readings between phone or in-person. Spirit is not hampered by physical distance. And the advantages for you are many: no travel or days off, more convenience, quicker scheduling. Skype/Zoom is available.

Unless you request a specific reading, my readings tend to be a combination of all reading types. I generally bring in psychic information, make a connection with loved ones and share messages from Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters etc. If you prefer a specific psychic reading only, or you have lost a loved one and are in need of a full mediumship reading, or perhaps you are single and experiencing love/dating issues and need some guidance with potential suitors, let me know at the start of the reading and I will focus on that current situation exclusively. My intention is to give you the highest and best information to help you move forward in your life.

A note about psychic matchmaking. What I do not do is randomly select your soulmate out of the infinite potentials in this world (although that has happened). What I can do is help you sort out your dates. Bring the names of potential suitors and I will tap into each and find out what the energy is between you. I will see possibilities for you as a couple. I can also spot potential issues such as commitment phobias, anger issues, tendencies towards addiction or infidelities. I can help confirm your ‘hunches’ about these individuals. I will share Spirit messages in an effort to save you time and money. Additionally, I help with your readiness for love! Do you have: unresolved issues around love? Unhealthy erroneous beliefs that are blocking new love from finding you? Unconscious patterns that need to be cleared in order to attract the man or woman of your dreams? I can help you find out – and give you a roadmap that points you in the direction of true L-O-V-E at last!