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Breaking News: Famously Dead Speak to This Medium!

Lisa Najjar (Author)
"Famous dead people did all the writing for my book. Find out what they have to say."

Lisa Najjar is an International Psychic Medium & Author of Dying to Tell You. She is also the Creator of Higher World Media, dedicated to providing uplifting content to the world. What a Fool Believes, a spiritual comedy talk show, is one of her own projects currently in pre-production. Lisa is also the Executive Producer and Intuitive Consultant for an award-winning documentary called What If? The Movie. Lisa’s entrepreneurial spirit has created products dedicated to the promotion of world unity and peace.

Show & Story Ideas

✮ What Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney and Paul Newman told this woman – after they died!
✮ What women can learn about having a healthier body image – from deceased star and famous beauty Jayne Mansfield.
✮ Take the guesswork out of life by increasing your intuitive IQ. Take this quiz to see how you rate.
✮ This medium tells us the truth about ghosts.
✮ Over-caffeinated from too many coffee dates? Psychic gives 5 tips on how to improve your dating odds.
✮ Your child asks, “Can we go out to play?” but they’re alone. Understanding your child’s sixth sense.
✮ Ouija Boards: This medium reveals why this game is hardly child’s play.
✮ Tomorrow’s answers…today! Tips to help you avoid psychic fraud.
✮ Are your deceased loved ones calling you? Let this medium teach you how to pick up the phone!

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