What does it mean to be psychic? A medium?

We all possess a psychic, intuitive side. That is your gut feeling, that hunch you get from time to time. It’s that part of you that uses your non-physical senses to acquire information about past, present or future. This 6th sense becomes more prominent when it is regularly acknowledged and exercised.

A medium is an intermediary between this world and the next. The medium is able to have an active real-time dialogue with the Spirit world. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

What is the difference between a psychic and medium reading?

The difference between a psychic and medium reading is the source of the information. Psychics attune to your energy and that of the universe and present you with information about your past, present and probabilities for the future. Psychics may use tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, runes etc. (although I do not).

Mediums, on the other hand, attune themselves to the vibrations of those who reside in the Spirit world, including your loved ones who have passed on, your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. Mediums don’t use tools in their readings because Spirit brings everything that needs to be communicated. As a medium, the job is to assist the living and those in Spirit by translating their communication to prove that life exists beyond the death of the body. Mediumship is for healing grief and expanding your own awareness of the eternal nature of the soul.

Where does your information come from?

I don’t do tarot readings or use other divination tools. All information is received through psychic impressions, divine guidance and direct communication with the soul, loved ones, angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Can Spirit tell me what I should do?

No. Spirit offers you guidance so that you can be better equipped to handle your life, not live your life for you. We are all here to learn, grow and evolve as souls and being told what to do is not conducive to your growth. It’s kind of like if your parent did your homework and you got an A, you would still not understand the lesson, you see?

Are readers 100% accurate?

No psychic or medium is 100% accurate. It’s all based on our interpretation, using human words, and sometimes a message may get ‘lost in translation’.

Do you receive negative or bad messages?

No, I do not. Since beginning this work, I set the strong intention with Spirit that I only receive messages that are of the Light, for the Light and in the Light. I asked to receive messages that are filled with love, peace, hope, positivity and truth. I asked that I receive guidance that helps and heals. Does this mean that Spirit will not be honest with you pertaining to a difficult situation in your life? Not at all. But it means that the information will be presented to you in a way that fosters understanding, acceptance, healing and ultimately peace.

Do I have to be a believer in the afterlife to get a reading?

The simple answer is this: Be at least open . A reading involves energy. If you are blocked, it will be extremely difficult for me to get through that. I cannot prove anything to you. If you are convinced that there is nothing beyond this physical world, that is your free will and Spirit will not take that away from you. If you have chosen to be a non-believer in this lifetime, that in itself carries lessons for you, however being skeptical is healthy. If you try to ‘test’ the psychic/medium as in ‘prove it to me’ it will be extremely difficult for me to tune in and you won’t get as much out of the session. Look, if you are coming to see me and asking for a reading, there is at least some part of you that wants to believe. Spirit will always give you what you need, not necessarily what you want, so be open and relax. My goal is to help you move on your path with a lighter heart, and clearer, quieter mind.

Why do you have a disclaimer?

Legally, I must. We live in a world where some people choose not to take responsibility for their own actions and blame others for things that they have done. I have luckily never dealt with that, but you just never know. In our day and age, we must cover our business in the proper legal way.

Do you work with curses?

No, I do not.

Can I bring questions?

Absolutely, yes! Have a list ready. More often than not, your questions will be answered through the reading but I always allow a few minutes at the end to address questions not mentioned in the reading. Please, throughout the reading, if you don’t understand something, let me know and I will ask Spirit to further clarify. Sometimes it’s a matter of Spirit re-wording a message for it to ‘click’ with a client. Also, be clear with your questions. Spirit answers based on exact phrasing of your question. For example: ‘Will I ever be in a relationship’ is not clear enough. ‘Will I be in a committed romantic relationship in the near future’ is much clearer.

Can I record my session?

I highly encourage recording your session. In situations when I receive information pertaining to your future, it sometimes does not make sense to you at the time, but referring to your recording at a later time greatly helps.


In psychic readings can you predict the future?

I believe that we all create our own reality and destiny based on our thoughts, words and deeds A psychic is able to read the road map, the trajectory that you are on, based on your present thoughts and energy. But, since you are the captain of our own ship, you have the privilege and responsibility to steer your own vessel, and make any free-will choices you wish In that case, you have created a new outcome! We as psychics are not fortune tellers. We are given guidance as to potentials and possibilities if you stay on that exact course you are presently on. My work concentrates on helping you recognize patterns, behaviors and blockages that stand in the way of you living your full potential. I can help with clearing some of those stuck beliefs and patterns, in an effort to get you where you want to go. We all want to live our best life – I can help you live yours!

How can knowing my future not be beneficial to me?

If you are meant to go through an experience in order to learn an important lesson, having it all laid out of for you will not benefit your growth as a soul (it’s a bit like cheating on an exam).

How often should I have a psychic reading?

I suggest you wait 4-6 months between readings, minimally. Often the messages received in your initial visit will be substantial enough, and having another reading too soon will result in repeat messages or no messages at all. You need time to let the information come to pass, after all. That said, if there is a significant shift in your life (new partner, divorce, move, job loss), it could prove beneficial to check in for a shorter reading on that subject. The other time it’s useful to check in more frequently is if we are working on psychic matchmaking. Then I can assess new can-di-DATES.


How long does someone need to be gone before they can be accessed?

In my experience, souls are able to communicate almost immediately, however in some cases they may wish to take time before communicating. Some reasons for that could be that the person passes suddenly and may need time to make sense of what happened to them. Or if they had a long, slow, painful illness they may feel the need to rest awhile first. For you, though, the way to determine if the timing is right for a reading is based upon your acceptance of the passing and your ability to handle the emotions that may arise from reconnecting. Having a reading can offer a wonderful feeling of reconnection and reassurance that your loved one is alive and well in Spirit. I feel no need for a mandatory waiting period if the person is in deep need of validation to move forward. You are going to grieve the loss of your loved one whether you have a session today or next year. The loss may become more bearable if you have a validating connection with a medium and can rest easier knowing for certain that your loved one is okay, still connected to you and spiritually conscious.

Who will you connect with?

I can’t promise that a specific person you are trying to reach is going to come through. No one can. But I can promise you that the person you are meant to connect with will come through. It’s usually the person you wish to speak with, but not always.

Is it possible to receive communication from people I didn’t know?

Yes, it’s possible to receive messages from relatives who died before you were born or who you didn’t meet while they were on Earth. It’s nice to know that we are looked after and cared for by our extended family in the Spirit world, isn’t it?

My ancestors didn’t speak English. Can they communicate with me?

Spirit communication transcends all human language barriers so this is not an issue.

How do you communicate with loved ones? Can you see? hear?

The energy or soul of your loved ones enters my aura, or energy field and there is a blending of our energies. They are then able to impress upon me their physical feelings, emotions, memories and ‘speak’ to me telepathically. I don’t see a ghostly apparition in the room; rather for me the communication takes place by mental telepathy. When they ‘speak’ it is a thought that enters my mind and I ‘see’ them as an image in my mind. Sometimes they speak directly in my ear, and sometimes I smell certain things such as cigarette smoke or a perfume or flowers. That is used as evidence of the person I am with.

What happens to suicides?

My experience tells me this is a case by case situation. There is no set ‘afterlife” reserved for someone who takes their own life on purpose or ends it accidentally. That said, generally speaking the suicides that have come to me have regrets for cutting their lives short. They often tell me that as soon as they crossed over they realized that didn’t ‘solve’ their issues. They are anxious to come back into another incarnation for a ‘do-over’. What I find fascinating is that their ‘do-over’ lifetime is going to be set up very similar to what they just let go of. They plan to take on all of the challenges and struggles they just bailed out of, in an effort to ‘make it through’ this time. Because I hear this so often, I teach people that as challenging as it is to weather life’s sometimes unending storms, we chose our path for a reason and if it is at all possible to stay, then STAY! Seek all the help you can, exhaust every effort to stay put on Earth and finish out your chosen lives this time around, before moving on. You will be happy that you did. This seems preferable to coming straight back into another incarnation, with all the same struggles and to have to re-live the experience – again! And from what Spirit tells me, it is US, as souls, that choose this quick reincarnation turn-around. It is not thrust upon us. Which confirms for me that we have set up experiences for ourselves that we wish to have as souls, and it seems nothing thwarts those plans – not even our human selves!

How often should I have a medium reading?

Ideally, I would suggest you wait at least 6 months between readings. Often the messages received in your initial visit will be substantial enough, and having another reading too soon could result in repeat messages or no messages at all.

How can I enhance my reading experience?

  1. Take a few minutes before the session to get into a relaxed state. Try to meditate, say a short prayer or just listen to relaxing music. If there are specific loved ones you would like to connect with, start to speak to them in your mind, inviting them in.
  2. If there are certain areas of your life you would like to discuss (i.e. love or career), or there are specific questions you have, it’s a good idea to jot them down and mention them at the beginning of the session, so I can accommodate your particular needs.
  3. Most importantly, it is important that you come with an open mind – and heart. The guidance that comes through is always for your highest divine best, even if it’s not what you are expecting to hear.