Three Part Class Series

Lisa shares information from the Ascended Masters on how to prepare for what is coming over the next few years. Time is of the essence and we must prepare now.


Important announcements from the Ascended Masters regarding humanity, our future, and what’s next. 

Listen to messages channeled by Lisa from Spirit and the Ascended Masters over the last few years regarding what’s coming and how to prepare.


According to the Ascended Masters, we have a spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental house that need to be cleaned and prepared for the massive awakening that is happening. 

The Ascended Masters gave Lisa specific instructions on what this means and how to prepare.

It is coming soon and time is of the essence. 


Once your houses are in order, we will be focusing on forgiveness. Jesus said forgiveness was one of the most important things you must learn.

Lisa guides you through crucial practices, techniques, meditations and methods of forgiving. Jesus appeared during the class to share a powerful message through Lisa that will help us to understand the task He has given.

Pamela Gregory joins us for the forgiveness class. She is a forgiveness coach working with a final stage cancer clinic.

Both Lisa and Pamela found that a lack of forgiveness was often the root cause of their clients’ issues, whether the client suffered with a lack of good health, wealth, success, love, self-esteem, confidence, or general satisfaction with life.

Unforgiveness seemed to be what was keeping people stuck – or sick. 

Deep dive into the Ascended Masters’ messages with Lisa to help you navigate the changes that will be occurring during this crucial time and learn how to prepare for the ascension. 

Each class is two hours and includes materials to help you work through the instructions.

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